title: NAKED artist: PHIL BATES isbn :       N/A media:     AUDIO CD pub:     1996 price:     $10.00 Here Phil Bates bears no more than his very soul and exudes the qualities that have been honed from his highly successful singer/songwriting career which has seen him playing with such names as Bev Bevan’s Move, Electric Light Orchestra Part II, Trickster, Duane Eddy, John Miles, and Beatles, Blues and Blue Violin (aka BBBV). This collection of (mainly) his own songs includes an acoustic cover of the classic ELO cut: "Showdown." The complete CD conjures many moods, from Celtic nuances to classic rock. The lyrics are thought provoking. This is a man with many musical influences, and who is not afraid to say what he thinks. ELO cohort Mik Kaminski and Phil's wife Jo Bates accompany Phil on this important "naked" recording. Track Listing . . . World’s Gone Crazy / Port in a Storm / Fine Time / Writing on the Wall / Naked / My Decline and Fall / Celtic Dawn / Invisible Again / Soul Prelude / Secret Place in my Soul / Life in the Slow Lane / Don’t Wanna Lie Anymore / Showdown / The Way The River Flows  
Potpourri / Naked
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