title: DISASTER READY PEOPLE FOR A DISASTER READY AMERICA author: JAMES W. SATTERFIELD & HARRY W. RHULEN isbn         978-0-9789064-0-5 media:     BOOK (136 pages, illustrated) pub:     2007 price:     $10.50 Written by risk-management experts and published by Firestorm Solutions LLC, this rare gem takes the reader through the processes necessary to prepare for and survive a major disaster, albeit natural or man-made. According to the authors, “We wrote this book, in part, as a response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2005 tsunami and other similar events. After extensive study of the response to and aftermath of these crises, we realized that through proper planning much of devastation experienced on both the human and corporate levels could have been mitigated or eliminated entirely. This book is designed to help individuals and families create a home disaster plan. Remember, you are your own first responder.”
Potpourri / Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America
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