Our website . . . Welcome to White-Boucke Publishing’s website. We undertook a complete redesign using new web design tools and techniques in 2012 to gain faster access to product information and to make your visit all the more efficient and enjoyable. Most importantly, we embedded a new process for placing online orders using technology developed by the globally recognized PayPal e-commerce company. How to use our website . . . As has become standard practice, basic product categories are accessed through the navigation bar that appears at the top of every page. Pressing a navigation bar button exposes a sub-page dedicated to the selected subject, or a list of products belonging to that category is revealed (selecting an item from the list will take you to a dedicated product page for that item). How to order from our website . . . This website features a single-item ordering system. If you are interested in purchasing multiple items, multiple copies of an item, or a combination of both, please contact us by telephone or e-mail as it is likely that we can quote you a lower total price than you would experience from multiple single-item orders. To place a single-item order, first go to the product page for the desired item, then click on the “Buy Now” button. You will immediately be transported to the PayPal secure website where your transaction will be completed. In this way, no entity other than you and the automated PayPal system will have any knowledge of your card number & expiration date, your PayPal account identification, or any other personal information that you may surrender during an internet transaction. The only information that we at White-Boucke Publishing ever see is the purchase item, purchase authorization, and “ship to” address. NOTICE TO COLORADO CUSTOMERS White-Boucke Publishing will relocate to California in 2015. While we prepare for this move, we will no longer be able to process  retail orders placed on this website by residents of the state of Colorado. Once we have relocated, we will again accept orders from Colorado customers. White-Boucke apologizes for any inconvenience this temporary restriction may cause. In the meantime, all of our media products remain readily available from other internet sources (such as Amazon.com).  E-Books . . . White-Boucke has converted selected print editions to the popular Amazon Kindle e-book format. Kindle editions are not available from us directly, but where applicable, we have included links to the associated Amazon.com product pages.
Publisher of quality media products (trade paperback books, software, CDs and DVDs) since 1989.
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